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Are Xbox gift cards distinct from Microsoft gift cards?

Xbox Gift Cards are codes that can only be used once and can be used at a select number of stores. The specific brands that each card can purchase are the primary distinction. You need both an Xbox gift card and a Microsoft gift card in order to purchase a gift card for someone who enjoys gaming on the Xbox One. Microsoft Points, the company’s digital currency, can only be used to buy Microsoft software, services, subscriptions, and games from the online store. How to get Microsoft Gift Cards with Microsoft Points.

Microsoft Points can be exchanged for an Xbox Gift Card!

Visit the Microsoft Store website, log in with the email address associated with your Xbox account, and select the “XBOX GIFT CARDS” button to exchange an Xbox Gift Card for Microsoft Points. Click “Next” after entering the code for your Xbox Gift Card into the field. Click the “Exchange Points for Gift Cards” button to exchange some or all of your Microsoft Points for Xbox gift cards of the same value. Click “Next” after entering the amount in Microsoft Points you want to exchange. The amount of Microsoft Points you enter will determine the value of the Xbox gift cards you receive.

How can a Xbox Gift card be exchanged for cash?

You can do this at if you want to cash out an Xbox Gift Card. Click “Submit” after entering your gift card code and the amount you want to cash out. A representative from Microsoft will examine your request and inform you if they can be of any assistance. You will receive an email from Mine if it is approved. Xbox with instructions on how to exchange the cash for a gift card at a nearby store. GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon are examples. You can exchange your gift card for cash at the store if you find the Microsoft or Xbox product you want.

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